Here is a representative sample of writing by Robert Nagle (both professional and personal).

Small Business Websites

  • Small hair salon (using Google Sites web tools).
  • Web novel website. I digitized a 1942 novel to make a commercial ebook. Source was in Docbook XML, so I wrote custom CSS and XSLT to produce a statically generated website. In addition to digitizing it, I wrote an accompanying 80,000 word critical study of the novel which appears in the ebook.
  • Personville Press (my own side business. Unbelievably, I did it as static HTML site and coded all of it by hand). Here’s a promotional website I designed for an erotic romance ebook series. (Created and customized using WordPress).
  • Several other special purpose websites (Most using WordPress). One business (a couples therapist), several local volunteer groups, a website for a class. Some of these organizations have become defunct or the content has been completely replaced, so I am not linking to them.

Hardware & Software Manuals

Marketing/Promotional Technical Documents

Marketing: Audio/Multimedia

From time to time I have produced multimedia content for academic and promotional purposes. To produce these things I mainly use Audacity and Sony Vegas Pro (and to a limited extent, Adobe Captivate).

Press Releases and Publicity

Book Production and Design

  • I wrote, produced and published User’s Guide to Plone 4 for Enfold Systems.  View Book sample 1 and Book Sample 2 (both are screenshots from actual pages). Here are two sample chapters: Introduction(PDF) and Chapter 4 (PDF) .Note: for various reasons, the layout for the sample chapters are substantially different from the actual book. The screenshots are more accurate. (Read more about this work experience).
  • Plone Book . I had to polish the English translation of an earlier version of the same book and do a technical review.   Download it here.
  • I have produced 5  ebooks by a well-known author for publication.   I did all the formatting, editing and promotions. You can preview them  on the Amazon.com website here and here.
  • Online annotated bibliography for Civil War fiction.  I repurposed  existing Docbook XML  book content into a static HTML file and applied a responsive web design template so that the content worked well on different devices and screen resolutions.  This 7500 word reference document contained so much information that it needed to be organized clearly, have a built in navigation method and also  serve a marketing purpose without beating people on the head with it.

Renewable Energy/Investigative Reporting

In September 2011 I wrote a long blog post called How to Choose a Texas Energy Provider the wrong way. It offers recommendations and advice to consumers for choosing a power provider. It also describes  the renewable portfolio standard (RPS) and renewable energy credits (REC).

In November 2009 I published  two  investigative pieces titled, “Is your website green?” about data centers  for the Houston Chronicle technology blog.


  • Climate Change Presentation (Nov 2019). I do a lot of climate change advocacy, and here’s the PDF of a 64 slide presentation I made to the Katy Rotary Club (I made it with Google Docs).
  • Posters for 2007 National Institute of Justice  Conference. These posts showcased law enforcement technology.  Screenshot and another screenshot

Reporting on Legal Topics

Feature Stories and Interviews

Analysis & Commentary

Educational Topics

Technical Writing Topics