Examples of Services Offered

  • Business Writing
    • Press releases/marketing documents.
    • Writing short feature stories to “flesh out” a new product or service
    • Business Analysis. Customer surveys.
    • Policy and Procedure guides
    • Presentations
    • Proposal/Grant Writing
    • Editing and Polishing of Web Content
  • User guides & online help
    • Standard walk-throughs of software/websites using screenshots and narration.
    • Online tutorials and web demos.
  • Website creation and management
    • Editing text on a business site for clarity and consistency
    • Providing ideas about making a website more customer-focused and useful
    • Advice about how to streamline presentation and organization of material
    • Creation of a simple database-backed website (with open source software like WordPress).
  • Website testing and analysis
    • Quality control and usability
    • Optimizing for SEO and performance

  • Preparing Graphics and Multimedia
    • Diagrams and flowcharts using Visio and LibreOffice
    • Creation, editing and optimization of simple graphics for printing or use on the web.
    • Assistance selecting commercial graphics for handouts and websites.
    • Simple audio/multimedia production.

  • Academic Writing. This includes:
    • Editorial Feedback. That means that I will read your essay and write comments and feedback on a separate sheet (but not edit the document itself).
    • 1 On 1 Brainstorming Session. That means working together with the client to produce a rough outline for the document which the client will use for writing the essay.
    • Help for Non-Native speakers. It is not unusual for graduate students to consult with a native English speaker for help on phrasing and grammar.
    • Important Note: For school assignments, application essays and statements of purpose, I don’t do the writing but merely provide tutoring or editorial feedback. In general, it is better for students to use their own words when writing these kinds of things.

  • Ebook Publishing
    • Formatting & Conversion
    • Help with submitting to online bookstores and promoting
    • Writing book descriptions and press releases.
    • Serving as a beta reader for book manuscripts.

  • Training
    • Course development/training modules for employee training
    • Preparation of Exercises and Test Questions

Typically for small jobs (under $1500), I provide a statement of work and estimate which the client will need to agree to before proceeding. (See the sample work agreement here).  Generally an Advance Payment is required — and this will be specified in the initial work estimate.  For small jobs, a statement of work is made free of charge.

For larger jobs,  I may require  significant time to analyze your document & business needs.  For such cases, I typically charge an initial consultation fee (generally $50-100) and provide a combined statement of work and documentation plan.

I am available to work in a variety of work arrangements. I can provide a needs analysis, documentation plan and work description.

Please check the front page for information about my current job status and whether I am considering new opportunities.