TW Case Studies

Rather than present a straightforward resume on this website, I am opting to present my work history as a series of case studies. This is an ambitious (and time-consuming) project, but this approach not only illustrates how I work and solve problems, but also what technical writers really do .

The work environments I’ve thrived in have usually involved multiple projects and bringing things to fruition. At Dell Computers for example, I worked on about seven or eight projects, had three different bosses and three different job titles. At Peace Corps, I worked on many projects totally separate from my primary job function as university instructor (for example, teaching a cooking class). Thankfully, contemporary jobs involve a lot more variety than before (especially in the fields that interest me).

People frequently organize their resumes by employer (I call it the “job obituary” method of writing a resume). That approach has the advantage of simplicity, but it doesn’t capture the project-based nature of my recent work. To capture this, I’m going to break down my work history into “case studies” and use the tagging/category features of WordPress to allow you to browse through by work experience by keyword. It’s still a work-in-progress, and it will take a while to document everything, but over time it should provide a more complete picture of the kind of work I do well.