Ebook Services

I have been running Personville Press, a small ebook publishing company which I do as a side business.  Personville Press has published about 10 ebooks so far. With Createspace/Amazon I produced two print books (one I authored).

What’s unique about me is that 1)I have a master’s degree in writing and a particularly strong background in editing and how to make a text engaging, 2)I understand the ebook market and reading systems  very well and 3)I have experience formatting fairly complex ebooks. For the last two years I have been the  top-rated  contributor on the Ebook Stack Exchange and have an expert understanding of ebook formatting issues. Many people who produce ebooks work mainly on the editorial side or the technical side or the marketing side, but I do all three (with a heavy emphasis on the first two).  Here are some testimonials about my competency as an editor and publisher by author clients:  Testimonial #1 and  Testimonial #2.

From time to time, I do contract services to help authors to produce ebooks.  That includes:

  • editing the manuscript. This includes editing for clarity, standardizing punctuation and checking for technical accuracy.
  • converting and formatting a manuscript. This includes cleaning text,   formatting images and testing templates on different mobile platforms.
  • substantial rewriting.  Sometimes the author has the content, but doesn’t feel confident about writing ability.  In some cases, I have rewritten certain passages as needed.
  • help with submitting to online bookstores and formatting.  I am very comfortable setting up a KDP Account (plus Author Central, etc) and Smashwords account.
  • writing press releases and book announcements. Sample 1, Sample 2 and here’s two sample press releases: example 1 and Example 2.


I price each project differently, but here’s some ballpark numbers for producing and  formatting an ebook. To deliver both an epub and .mobi, here are some rates:

  • Base price: Under 20,000 words — $130, Under 50,000 words — $150, Under 75,000 words  — $170, Under 100,000 words — $190, Under 150,000 words — $220
  • Clean up (if needed): 35$ per hour. The base price already includes about an hour of clean up; this extra cost applies if the cleanup is significant or unusual.
  • Images (up to 10): 25-50$
  • Other formatting (tables, lists, blockquotes): 20-75$
  • Poetry/Verse: 10-100$ depending on the complexity.
  • Open Source Fonts: $20
  • Rush Service: $25-50 extra.
  • Digitalizing from print: Depends on the project (but it can get very expensive!).
  • Graphics Preparation. Generally I don’t create graphics or ebook covers, but I can do simple edits and transformations of graphics  to optimize for ebooks. If it’s extensive, or if I need to create custom  graphics, I may charge you extra.


Too many different variables are involved in trying to estimate an editing or writing job.  So I don’t publish rates. But here are two reference guides which I use as benchmarks for editing/writing prices: Editorial Freelancer’s Association and the Balance Freelance Rates.  I typically can put together a rate that is fair yet  competitive.



Typically I require 50% payment in advance.