Screencasts for Enfold Systems Software

By Robert Nagle, Technical Writer & Trainer

Here is a sample of screencasts I produced for Enfold Systems in Fall, 2008 using Adobe Captivate and Audacity. (In addition, I wrote some screencasts to be used for presentations which are not included here). The first few I made were a bit rough on the edges, but after about 10, I started to get the hang of it. The longer tutorials with audio focused less on how-to's than the technical concepts behind web proxying (which customers were having a hard time grasping). The shorter no-sound tutorials simply provided animations of common tasks that Windows system admins would use the software for.

The primary goal of these audio tutorials/web demos was to show how a sysadmin could use Enfold Proxy to set up proxies (and indirectly, to call attention to the product's ease of use). For the longer tutorials, I created several scenarios for proxying and demonstrated how Enfold Proxy could solve each one. By design, the tutorials weren't meant to be interactive or to test the user's knowledge but merely to convey the flow of steps necessary to accomplish a task.

In late 2008 I used Adobe Captivate 3 to produce these web demos. Since that time, Captivate has undergone 2 major releases (including the recent Captivate 5). The most recent versions not only integrate better with other software and browsers, but have substantially improved usability for content creators.

Enfold Desktop

Enfold Proxy

Enfold Server

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