Company Name: Enfold Systems, Houston, TX
Job: Technical Writer
Dates:  November 2007 to February 2009

Samples: Troubleshooting Checklist; Installation Guide/Tutorial

Enfold Systems is a well-known consulting company that specializes in an open-source content management system called Plone.  Over the years, it has released several important tools for customers wishing to deploy Plone in a Windows enterprise environment.  Because of the inherent complexity of Windows enterprise deployments, the number of support tickets increased even though the software itself worked fine.  I was hired to provide better documentation (both local and online) and specifically better troubleshooting documents so sysadmins who used the products on a daily basis could solve basic problems themselves.

I worked with talented python developers from three different continents and participated actively in weekly product teleconferences (often serving as a kind of user advocate).  In addition, I filed bugs, fixed documentation bugs assigned to me and offered  feedback to developers about how to make things more user-friendly. Because I was documenting products under development, a fair part of my job involved setting up test situations to see the software in action.

An important part of my job was quality control: checking grammar and grammar, making sure URLs worked correctly and checking things in different browsers and operating systems.