IT support for iPhones, iPads, Office SW and HW

Dates: 12/2019 to 11/2020

Primary Tools Used: BMC Remedy, Workspace One, Custom-built Census applications, Skype, MS Office

Devices Supported: iPhones, iPads, Win laptops, Office Desktops, VPN Telephones, Network Printers & Copiers.

For the 2020 Census I was a Level 1 IT clerk at an Area Census Office (ACO) in Fort Bend County, TX. The breakdown of work was basically:

  • 50% Telephone Support with end users working in the field (enumerators)
  • 10% Supporting Office staff of about 40-80 people with problems on Hardware and Win applications.
  • 15% Helping walk-ins from field workers coming into the office with device issues
  • 15% Writing, researching and managing tickets (using BMC Remedy)
  • 10% Managing device inventory (assignment, receipt and removing Personal Information)

Primary Tasks: User Account Management, Onboarding, In-person Device Training, Logging, Escalating and Resolving Trouble Tickets, Writing Technical Docs, Enforcing IT Security, Managing Mobile Assets (iPad,iPhone, Win laptops), Clearing devices of user data for reuse, Managing device inventory.